you wake up in a small wooden bed with silk blankets.

teddy bears are perched atop the headboard watching you with their small button eyes, unblinking.

this place feels strangely familiar, yet you're certain you've never been here before.

a breeze drifts through the room's open windows, ruffling the cutouts of butterflies that hang from the ceiling. the breeze smells faintly of rose petals, the scent comforts you.

to the side of the window, you see a dresser. there's a tea set and a vase with a lone rose on top of it. next to it, there's a vanity covered with various trinkets.

across the room, there's a small desk. it's covered with half-melted candles, dried flowers, and a lone box. beside it is the door.

what do you do?

examine the dresser or examine the vanity or examine the desk or leave